Job cards seem woefully misleading

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Re: Job cards seem woefully misleading

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i tried out horizon but by the time i made it to 30ish it was clear that there were favorites played with balancing and i was on the losing side of that so i just went back to eden

feel bad for ninja mains cause it feels like they tried to turn the job into a damage dealer primarily but were too scared of them being able to tank by doing damage so they just didnt buff the damage enough. it might be different at 75 with triple attack as /thf but im not willing to wait that long to find out

also don't understand the rdm changes at all especially considering they could have just given whm a few slight buffs and achieved what they were going for which apparently was to close the gap between the two. heck in wotg whm was arguably better than rdm in parties cause afflatus was so good. to make it a worse tank they could just have nerfed enmity by the high enmity spells when red mages cast them. rly just dont understand at all the job feels like a shell of what it should be
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