Oleum, the PLD who refuses to be a PLD

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Oleum, the PLD who refuses to be a PLD

Post by Zeix »

Oleum is an Elvaan PLD and I had him in one dunes PT, I've never made one of these before but he's a special case.

Dude showed up half naked and blamed it on sync (we were 15 and he had Bone armor I guess) despite Scale armor being really cheap right now. Kept dying, insisted on someone changing to WHM in Selbina so he could get a Raise (even though he lost like 200 xp) because "2 deaths in 3 fights, unacceptable"

The whole pt was complaining to me in /tells about how he wasn't facing the mob away from the mages, messing up the THF's Sneak Attack, would voke at 1% and then complain when his voke was on c/d and it would start attacking the mages. When I finally pushed him politely and told him to consider playing a new job he started coping hard and got mad until he eventually got kicked.

Then he switched to his level 51 BST and started killing all of our mobs out of spite to slow down our XP.

In LuckyCharms LS.
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Re: Oleum, the PLD who refuses to be a PLD

Post by sadgelord »

the only thing i learned from this is remembering /propose, i can now bitch about in the suggestions channel.

just kick him cuz he doesnt have gear, none of this slightly underhanded antagonistic bullshit. ppl need to be told how it is
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