What yall listen to while playing?

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What yall listen to while playing?

Post by Flip »

Figure this forum will only start picking up traffic, once more people level for general stuff. Until then figure get some semi-game related topics going see about upping interaction.\

So here is my question, what music you guys listen to while playing outside of the in game music (or horizon music)? Switch it up when farming vs. exping? Maybe don't listen to music at all, and just have videos/podcasts/audiobooks in the background?
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Re: What yall listen to while playing?

Post by TheRealDeft »

Flip wrote: Fri Jan 20, 2023 12:17 pmjust have videos/podcasts/audiobooks in the background
Generally this. Other times will be listening to a hip-hop playlist or 60s/70s rock.
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